As The Friendly Visitor, it is my goal to facilitate a more positive life experience for my clients - both at home and in the community. I endeavour to inspire and empower clients to live the life they deserve - confidently, intentionally, and with grace.  We accomplish goals together, through a caring and practical guidance, a helping-hand where needed, as well as emotional support on the journey - considering both client and families.

We are not meant to live this life alone, friends!

These services appeal to people of all ages and stages of life - from seniors needing regular check-in's and company, to independent adults needing emotional support amidst life's challenges. Sometimes a helping-hand or listening ear can go a long way. The Friendly Visitor offers engaging and encouraging support with extensive knowledge and experience working with many types of conditions - including Brain Injury, Parkinson Disease, Alzheimer's, and Mental Health challenges.